The American Association of Patients and Providers, or the AAPP is the largest Patient/Provider organization in the United States, SimpleCare, is our flagship program dedicated to returning a means of providing common sense, affordable, patient-driven healthcare to the healthcare community.

The AAPP represents patients and providers of health care who want to work together to fix the health care system. Rather than insurers, attorneys, and special-interest groups, why not patients and doctors as the agents of change?

The AAPP was created by three MD's in Seattle who decided there had to be an easier way to provide high quality individualized healthcare without the hassle, inefficiencies and exorbitant pricing schemes of the health insurance industry and government. These doctors took paying for healthcare back to how it was originally meant to be, an affordable and simple transaction between the patient and provider, just like how you pay for any other product or service.

The AAPP Story